It’s one of those moments when you read a story th…

It’s one of those moments when you read a story that you’ve just had published about a penguin that gets excluded for being different to all the other penguins, to your mum.

And as you read it, she realises that her son, me. Is the penguin and the story is representative of how I felt when we moved to a new town when I was 11.

All the other kids at school were wealthy and lived in big houses. My mum and I had been alone together for the first years of my life, my mum ran a market stall while my grandfather looked after me. (God I miss him)

Then after I managed to get through the exclusion at school for being poor, having my lunch thrown on the ground, being beaten up and called names I made it through the other side.

Having grown up to become a teacher I didn’t want it to ever happen to another child again, so I wrote this book to educate children about how it feels to be excluded.

And then I read it to my mum and we both laughed and cried.

God I love her ❤️

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