It’s Not “What” You Teach, But “How” You Teach it.

“The curriculum content has nothing to do with the success of your students. The success of your students relies on dynamic teaching skills that cater for each and every child uniquely.”

“It’s not “what” children are being taught that causes their eyes to glaze over, it’s “how” they’re being taught.”

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  1. Ruchi
    1 year ago

    I so much resonate with your thoughts on the importance of “HOW” !!

    May I know how can we collaborate ? I am keenly interested in early childhood development ! Currently I am working as a School Transformation Leader, working on the pedagogy from pre-prinary to grade 5th !

    I believe your 20 tears if experience will help me learn a lot from you !

    Looking forward to hear back from you !

    Ruchi 🙂

    • Gavin McCormack
      1 year ago

      Yes you can

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