I want t to take this opportunity to explain somet…

I want t to take this opportunity to explain something to you.

I post lots of updates on this platform because I am eager the make a change. And I put MYSELF in the posts, not because I want you to see me. And not because I want you to recruit me, or stroke my ego. (In fact those comments always make me cringe)

I put myself in the posts so that you know that I am here, on the ground trying my best to make a difference. Huge organisations have no personal touch to them.

You don’t know what you’re giving to, or where it’s going. I want you to trust me, join me and I want to inspire others that they can do the same.

It’s NOT about my ego. This is not an ego trip . It’s a journey to gather like minded people who want equality.

My father left before I was born, my beautiful mother brought me up alone for many years and being born to a poor family in northern England. (Which isn’t that poor, in the scheme of things) I have had to fright my way to where I am now.. It’s not about EGO it’s about determination.

Last week I gave away a free teaching program on linked in. I asked people to email me. Over 3000 emails came in but I emailed everyone back personally, as promised. Forgive me if I’m in my posts too much but I want you to know that I’m REAL. ❤️

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