I call it the 20% teaching rule. Teaching is not…

I call it the 20% teaching rule.

Teaching is not about giving everything away to the students. We know that you have a degree and 40 years life experience, but if you disclose everything to your class then it not only leaves your class with no questions, but it stifles their individuality and inquisitive mind.

The 20% rule works to develop the independent child who can ask questions of himself and then find solutions to find the answers. All skills required to solve 21st century problems like global warming.

The 20% rules works like this;

When teaching a subject such as volcanoes, don’t tell the class everything you know, but tell them enough to get excited, enough to be inspired!

Then ask them what they would like to know, as a group generate a list of questions regarding the subject and give them a deadline to produce some research on the subject.

Allow them to work with whom they please and represent their research in any way they choose. When the deadline is up the children present their work to the group.

And there you have it. The 20% teaching rule. Building independent, research based learners who choose their own research questions and work in a way that suits them.


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