If you’re finding that your class are disengaging with your lessons, the reality is that they are probably getting a bit stale.

It may be time to spice things up and go a little left-field. And don’t worry about the other subjects, you can tie them all in once you’ve got the children hooked.

For example;

This is the Quetzalcoatlus Northropi next to a 1.8m man. The largest known flying animal that ever existed. Watch the children’s faces as you show them the image and ask them what else they’d like to find out.

Once the river of enthusiasm is flowing, it’s your job as the educational puppeteer to navigate that enthusiasm into other subjects.

Maths – wingspan, life expectancy, weight, night, velocity at full speed.

English – a narrative including this creature, information report on another dinosaur, a dinosaur booklet, a labelled diagram of this dinosaur.

History- where did they live, what wipes them out, which family do they belong to?

Geography – their breeding areas, their hunting ground, their flightpaths.

Science- what did they eat, how was their body constructed, how did they fit into the food chain? What special features did they have?

You see, it only takes one tiny spark and you can start a fire. Try it!!

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