How Important is it to be a Genuine Teacher?

How important is it to develop ‘genuine’ relationships with your students?

You see, teachers who put relationships first, become a child’s teacher for life.

Children are unbelievably astute, just as they detect weakness in the substitute teacher who puts on a brave face but Is quivering on the inside, they also know the difference between a genuine and a fake relationship.

When children know that you care, when they know that you make mistakes but you keep on trying. When they see that you’re genuinely happy to see them succeed and show determination when things got hard, you’ll finally win their trust.

And at that point……

They’ll have the confidence to fail, they’ll feel they have the ability to tell you when it’s too hard! They’ll reach out when they’re feeling alone, overworked or under challenged.

You’ll push them, support them and allow them to reach their potential and in return, they’ll critique your teaching technique, they’ll support you when implementing change and most of all………

They’ll trust you when you tell them “You can do it! Keep going!”

“Teachers who put renationships first, don’t have students for one year, they have students who view them as their teachers for life!”

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  1. Tasneem
    11 months ago

    So true Gavin. Agree to every bit.

  2. Ray ray
    11 months ago

    Thank you for sharing, you are a perfect role model…..i strive to embody what you say, the little ones can still smell my nerves.

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