From Great Moments of Boredom, Come Extraordinary Moments of Clarity and Creativity.”

I captured this photo in Kavre high in the Himalayan mountains whilst trying to inspire a group of children who had never painted, to paint their first picture. This young lady had no intention of painting that day. She was dreaming of something that I’ll never know. But that’s perfectly fine with me.

While we make specific times when we allow our children to use technology, watch television, stay up late or play outside. We also need to make specific times when our children should be allowed to “Just Be

To be bored, to have no stimulation or entertainment. These are the moments when great creativity and inspirational thought occurs.

The world today is all about that drive for recognition. Likes, shares and comments. Instant gratification takes us away from the sense that to be creative or to restore our sense of well-being, we must have time to just be ourselves, in our own head with our own thoughts.

Allow your children to be bored. No television, no tech, no stories, no nothing. Allow them to think, to create, to dream.

From great moments of boredom, come extraordinary moments of clarity and creativity.”

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  1. Soma Gupta
    1 year ago

    Excellent write up Gavin , I believe in this ..

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