Free ‘Learning from Home’ Resources that Every Family Needs During Covid-19.

Here it is! Everything you could ever dream of to handle ‘learning from home’ during COVID-19. All available for free in one drive and ready for everyone to download, print and use.

Life is not about what you have, what you get or what you own, it’s about how you make other people feel.

I hope this makes those families or schools struggling at the moment, feel a little more secure in their ‘learning from home’ journey.

As usual, if you take it, share it! ❤️

That’s all I ask.

Click the link below!

Click here for resources

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  1. Nhung Ross
    1 year ago

    Thanks so much for your help and kindness. God bless you . We love all your books. Read them every day.

    • Gavin McCormack
      1 year ago

      Which books

  2. Jewell Bon-Irema Addo
    1 year ago

    Thanks a lot Gavin.

  3. samuna shrestha
    1 year ago

    samuna shrestha

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