Everyone’s different. I try to keep myself happy b…

Everyone’s different. I try to keep myself happy by having things to look forward to in life and making a positive impact on those I meet.

Here’s my top eight things that can help you stay happy over the next 12 months.

1. No complaining. Think about all the things you’ve got that you can be thankful for. Start with clean water and fresh air.

2. Embrace time alone. – use the time to be clear in your mind about what really matters and what you are going to do about it. Make a list.

3. Say goodbye to people who don’t bring positive energy into your life. And if by chance you do come into contact with them and they ask why you deleted them from your network, just be honest. It will be better for them in the long term.

4. Don’t watch TV. Unless it’s an Attenborough documentary.

5. Choose a skill that you’re passionate about and put your time and energy into cultivating it.

6. Commit to your goals and don’t not stop aiming for the top of that mountain until you actually reach the top.

7. Exercise. Make sure that you sweat at least once per day. It will boost your mood and energy levels.

8. Fail forward. Learn from every mistake you make.

9. Don’t forget what your passion is. Mine is education and it’s my source of fire!!!



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