Engaging the child If you can make a child laugh a…

Engaging the child
If you can make a child laugh as they’re trying to do that complex calculation.

if you can make them smile whilst they’re trying to spell that word.

If you can make them feel part of a team that needs them.

if you can let them know that as a ckass and a teacher, you don’t feel whole unless they walk in the door.

If you can let them know that no matter how many times they get it wrong you’ll be there until they get it right.

If you can show them that the only reason you come to school each day is because you want their life to be filled with joy and happiness.

If you can build a community that allows failure, in fact it’s encouraged, because from failure come innovation and great curves of learning.

If you can do these as a teacher, then you’ve won!

You did what you were meant to do as a teacher and you can rest easy at night.

If you not doing these things then it’s time to reset because that’s what makes teaching so personal. YOU! ❤️

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