Competition in Our Classrooms Needs to End.

When we make competition the focus of all achievements in school, nobody wins.

Yes, there’s always a winner who comes in first, but there’s the rest of the school who didn’t come in first. Effectively losing.

A certain level of competition in children is natural, but to use this as a constant in schools only proves detrimental to our students in the long run.

We should focus on the children as individuals, their unique talents and skills. Each child has something different to bring to the classroom and it is these skills we should be aware of and focusing on.

To compare two children is ludicrous. They are all so different.

The competition we should be promoting is the measure of “What you were yesterday and what you are today.”

If we promote a natural pattern of self-improvement rather than comparison, then our routines will become habit and ultimately we will cultivate young adults who strive to be better people each and every day.

This picture says it all!

What are your thoughts? Positive Schools

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