Christmas is a time when we understand how it feel…

Christmas is a time when we understand how it feels to give and receive.

An important lesson for children is to be present in the mind when giving a gift, wrapping it, the anticipation of handing it over and watching as the recipient’s face lights up with joy. The happiness you feel to have caused such joy to others.

It’s important that children (and adults) understand how good it feels, but also how it compares to receiving a gift.

Ultimately, there is no comparison.

Giving feels better and that’s s fact! You are designed to want to help others, to make their journey easier and like a magnet to a bag of nails. People will gravitate to those who help without requesting a reward or gold star.

“You will only experience true happiness when you help someone who can never repay you.”

When these lessons are discussed directly and put into action we see significant changes in the way our classrooms operate, and ultimately allow our children to grow as individual change makers who care about doing the right things for the right people.

‘Be the change you wish to see in the world for kindness is the greatest gift of all’

Merry Christmas from Nepal ❤️

Ps we are eating noodles and onion for lunch!!!

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