Asking a child to write a story from scratch can b…

Asking a child to write a story from scratch can be a little daunting. I mean, could you write an entire story today? Here’s how to inspire creativity when writing.

Start by asking the children to tell the story to a friend. What they would change? What could make it crazier, weirder, more bizarre, more exciting?

Tell the children that when narrative writing, anything is possible. Literally anything. “All the characters can get turned into sausages by an evil wizard and thrown into a pan to be fried and eaten by a giant meat eating monkey!”

Once they understand, their job is to write a version of their favourite story but include their own twists and turns.

They start by designing the front cover and away they go. It may take quite a while to write, but it will be amazing because lots of the vocabulary, spellings, and parts of speech will all be inside and can be used.

The rules are (and these can be printed out and handed out)

1. You cannot copy a whole sentence from the book but you can pick out words and ideas.

2. The story must have a setting, a complication, and a resolution.

3. There are no creative rules in your writing, literally anything can happen.

Have fun everyone!!!!


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