Ask Children to Organise Events on Their Own.

Sometimes we, as adults, make the mistake of underestimating our child. We must learn to understand that our children are capable of anything they put their minds to.

If we always intervene, then our children may never get the chance to learn the most essential life skills. We can give them responsibility over something like organising an event and allow them be in charge to take over the task and accomplish it well.

Believe that your child has the ability to achieve the impossible. Model the organisation of an event first, such as a lemonade stand, and then allow them to generate ideas around which event they would like to manage.

The ungradable skills such as collaboration, communication and time management that are utilised during such activities prove invaluable as the child moves through the early years of school and beyond.

And even if the event is a total failure, a wealth of reflective learning will surely follow.

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