As the 3 month training came to an end we took a p…

As the 3 month training came to an end we took a photo together to celebrate the fact that 30 inspired, skilled and dedicated teachers were about to enter the Nepalese education sector.

But, I wanted to give them one last piece of advice.

I told them;

“Yes you are now graduates and highly skilled teachers but there are ten things that will improve your daily achievements and they require no skill at all.

1. Being on time. – if the meeting is at 8, get there at 7;50. (Have a cup of tea)

2. Smiling and complimenting your colleagues. “Good morning, wow your dress loves lovely” spread the love.

3. Getting to know every child’s name. (Very important)

4. Compassion. (People have a life outside of work, remember that!)

5. Work ethic.( try your best and the rest will follow naturally)

6. Suggesting improvements without complaining. “What does everyone think about including a new system into our assessment criteria? I’ve made this document. See what you think?”

7. Having a positive attitude. (Be the person who says “yeah let’s give it a go.”

8. Respecting those you work with. (You don’t have to be best friends)

9. Working towards a clear goal. (Do you have s dream?if not! GET ONE)

10. Taking care of yourself. (You cant do anything otherwise)

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