As I stood in front of the staff yesterday I want…

As I stood in front of the staff yesterday I wanted to explain the range of teaching capabilities across all age groups.

There’s nothing better in life than sharing one’s knowledge and understanding to another group of people.

There’s a very distinct differences between knowledge and understanding. But used together they are the two most powerful words in the dictionary.

Knowledge is a profound grasp of a particular concept where you feel that you are almost a master at this craft!

Understanding is the ability to use this skill in a range of ways to solve complex and diverse problems.

If you are teaching s particular concept to your students and you wish to assess their ability you must look towards both their knowledge of the subject (the facts) and their understanding (how can they use this?)

You must teach children to have both skills. If you are only teaching them the Knowledge then I’m afraid your not covering all bases!

Together knowledge and understanding equal intelligence and that’s a fact! (Knowledge)

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