As a teacher I understand the great wealth of know…

As a teacher I understand the great wealth of knowledge expected from us. We are not only a teacher but a therapist, a friend, a parent, a councillor, a brother, a sister and sometimes a doctor.

With so many variables, emotions and differences in front of you it’s hard to determine what is happening.

With mental health week passed and the rise of mental health issues in today’s schools I thought I would take a look at simple signs that may help you see if a child is suffering from anxiety.

Anxiety is a very difficult problem because it can often be misdiagnosed or covered up by the child who has defence mechanisms finely tuned to the public eye.

Here are some signs to look out for.

The child may want to;

• control people and the outcomes of events.

• have difficulty sleeping.

• be feeling agitated or angry

• become extremely defiant.

• have high expectations of self in work and sport.

• avoid school or school based events.

• pain in the stomach or headaches

• have intolerance or uncertainty.

• difficulty managing emotions.

• an urge to overplay for events and situations.

• feeling nervous about small events.

The screw to understanding your class is to detect what really happening behind those smiles.

Hope this helps.


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