A mother approached my s few years ago and asked i…

A mother approached my s few years ago and asked if it was ok for her son to wear a dress to school? She said “Is it ok if he comes in on Monday wearing a dress?”

I said “it’s totally fine with me experimentation is part of development.”

That afternoon I told my students a story;

It was a Sunday, I’d been running the sydney marathons for ten years dressed as a grandma. I chose to wear a dress for two reasons.

It raises more money for charity! And It feels good! It’s fun!

Anyway I got on the bus in my dress on the way to the run. I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, I’m a school principal but as soon as I sat down next to this lady, she looked me and then moved away.

Other people pointed, they laughed and tried to belittle me.

But in my head, in my heart I knew that I didn’t have to explain myself to them, I didn’t have to prove myself to any of them. If only they knew I was going to run 42km dressed like this for charity maybe they’d think differently.

When it was my stop, I stood up proud and walked off the bus with my head held high.

And I told my children this;

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks as long as you know in your heart who you are, stand tall, head high and be yourself, that’s all that you can be!!!


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