5 tips to improve your teaching and classroom mana…

5 tips to improve your teaching and classroom management!

1. If you want your children to whisper, whisper yourself!

2. Allow children to represent their findings in their way. Don't tell them all to produce an information report on Egypt. One child may want to build a pyramid to scale! Same learning outcomes have been met!

3. Let them know that you actually care about them., and the reason you come to school each day is not for the money, but because you want a better future for them.

4. No lesson should be longer than 20 minutes!

5. Try your hardest not to comment on bad behaviour. A child is misbehaving because he/she want your attention. Hold off and when Tommy does the slightest thing correct, “pencils down everyone, Tommy has just written the most perfect letter F I've ever seen, give him a round of applause.” He will soon be addicted to getting attention for doing the right thing!

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