30 women and myself squeezed into a hot dusty room…

30 women and myself squeezed into a hot dusty room in Kathmandu. Everyday they attend class to graduate as a teacher. And why? Well it’s not the money. The salary here is $120 per month. They do it because they demand a better future fir their country.

Teaching is an attractive profession for so many reasons but here’s my top 8.

1. It allows you to change the world from the ground up.

2. If you see injustice in the world you simply make it part of your pedagogy and your children can be the revolution.

3. You can travel the world.

4. It’s a real ‘feel good’ job. When you put your head on the pillow at night you can rest easy.

5. Children are beautiful. Pure, honest and funny. You can thrive in this environment. Enjoy it, laugh with them play with them, learn with them.

6. The holidays are astounding. And by gosh do you deserve them. Travel, rest, relax, be inspired,

7. You get to work as a team. Teamwork is a great advantage to any job.

8. You are not working for the man. Your efforts will not line the pockets of a big businessman. You are not his capital. You are working fir the state, the people, the good of humanity. And your work is everlasting.

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