2018 was a year of sharing knowledge, building bri…

2018 was a year of sharing knowledge, building bridges with liked minded individuals and building schools in the Himalayas.

The world wants to help but often people don’t have the capacity to get to the source. This year the world came together and chipped in.

We gathered, we collected, we hassled and we loved. Together we set the wheels of change in motion.

Just to know that there are people out there like YOU who are willing to help, to put their faith in me or to go that extra mile to help makes it easy for me to sleep at night.

The world is not perfect and it never will be but if we gather the people together who are willing to make that difference then anything is possible.

Come on!!! Let’s do it all again in 2019.

I love you all ❤️

Happy new year!

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