10 ways to improve your relationship with your child at home.

10 ways to improve your relationship with your child at home

1. Never carry a child’s school bag, it’s their bag, they carry it. If it’s too heavy then what are they going to do to solve the problem.

2. Let them choose their own clothes. If they want to go out dressed as Batman. So be it!

3. Hug them at least 4 times per day. It releases bonding chemicals which bring you closer.

4. When asking a child to do something, tell them why and don’t simplify it. Use the correct language. You’ll be surprised how much they understand. “Don’t rock on your chair, if you fall you’ll crack open your cranium”

5. Each and every full moon. Go for a walk before bed and look at the stars talking about the big picture!

6. Encourage them to start a collection if something. Shells, rocks, leaves!!!

7. Allow them to help you with household jobs. Make a little washing line and while you hang it out, so will they!

8. Tell stories to them, be it fictional or real. They will remember every single one.

9. Have a world map on the wall and talk about different cultures and countries. Whenever you mention a country or hear one on the news, go and find it!

10. Tell them that you love them and that you are proud of who they are!!!

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  1. Godwin kwaghngee
    2 years ago

    These are helpful tips, i have learned something new especially about number one

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