You’re a Teacher, You’ve Got This! ❤️

Educators aren’t struggling because learning from home is hard, doing hard things is their area of expertise!

They’re struggling because the regular interactions with their students, the smiles, the laughter, the love, empathy, understanding and the joy to see learning take place have all been taken away.

Their struggling because their sense of purpose, their life and the reason they drive through those school gates each and every morning have been shaken up.

But if there’s one thing teachers practise each and every day, it’s the determination to keep going no matter what is thrown at them.

And when the children do come back to school, they’ll be one person waiting at the doorway of every classroom in the world to say, Goodbye Morning, I’ve missed you!” And that’ll be a teacher!

If you’re a teacher, you’ve got this! We’re almost there!

Thank you ❤️

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