Whilst discussing the importance of the basics of …

Whilst discussing the importance of the basics of mathematics being essential we moved into the classroom and the prepared environment.

“If we build solid foundations in the mind of the child and establish an understanding that as teachers we should NEVER teach our children but simply prepare an environment upon which they can learn for themselves.”

Preparation is 99% of the success of each and every teacher and this is not only in regard to lesson plans and the teacher having a deep understanding of the subject matter but it also includes the prepared classroom.

If the environment is set up to allow our children to experiment, research, plan, fail and then succeed, we will grow children who can save our planet and solve the problems we are unable to solve.

The days of the teacher being the oracle holding all the knowledge are numbered. The teacher is merely the bridge between the child and the knowledge. The bridge is the classroom. Prepare it well and allow your children to Cross the river alone!


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