When parents ask you what they can do at home to h…

When parents ask you what they can do at home to help their children adapt to school each day. Here are the ten things I always say.

1. Take the time to stand back and observe your child carefully and note the characteristics he/she is displaying.
2. Teach grace and courtesy in the home. Model it. Use courtesy with your child and help your child to demonstrate it.
3. Refrain from physical punishment and earn ways of positive discipline.
4. Allow sufficient time for your child to dress herself/himself.
5. If possible, allow your child a plot of land, or at least a flowerpot, in which to experience growing things.
6. Take walks together, at the child’s pace pausing to notice things and talk about them.
7. Hug regularly but don’t impose affection; recognise the difference.
8. Talk to your child clearly without talking down. Communicate with respect and five the child the gift of language, new words, and new expressions.
9. Sing! Voice quality doesn’t matter. Sing together regularly; build a repertoire of favourites.
10. Refrain from over-structuring your child’s time with formal classes and activities. Leave time to “just be” – to play, explore, create.

Number 10 is absolutely crucial to establish the creative mind.

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