When I sat on top of a mountain and held a paintin…

When I sat on top of a mountain and held a painting workshop for the children of Kavre. Nepal. I had no idea that it would move me so much.

I pulled out the paint, paintbrushes and paper kindly donated by people around the world and demonstrated how to paint a tree. (Granted it was a terrible tree)

The children were so excited to paint, they’d never used a paintbrush in their lives, let alone seen oil paints.

But as they sat and painted for the hours that followed it dawned on me. That with all of our wonderful technology, apps and computer games. Children don’t need much to be happy, they don’t require futuristic technologies to see them grow.

They need to be allowed to be creative in a way the represents their understanding of the world around them.

The pictures they produced were all of nature and the natural environment and fir children who’d never painted before. The pictures speak for themselves.

I cried that day, I cried so much as a child walked up with such excitement in his eyes holding his picture of a bird. “One paper more he said!”

Don’t take what you have fir granted. ❤️

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