When all else fails, we look to intelligence to solve the problem.’

When instinct and natural reactions fail us, we look to intelligence to help solve the problem at hand, but what happens if we design curriculums that’s avoid failure?

Well, we miss out on what it feels like to react instinctively and subsequently learn from our failings.

‘Our job as teachers is not to teach our children how to pass exams, our job is to allow them to solve problems hidden from our eyes.’

Have you ever heard someone say, “Wait ….Wait…. let’s think carefully about this!” That’s intelligence kicking in when instinct failed. We only rely on intelligence when all else fails.

Let’s design open ended, self directed, inspiring research topics that allow our children to attempt the impossible. When we take this approach, only 2 things can happen:

  1. The students fail to solve the problem but learn a lot of valuable lessons along the way.


  1. They surprise is all and actually solve the problem at hand.

‘Everyone wins when we include failure, resilience, determination, persistence and reflection as our learning outcomes.’

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Angie Tsionara
    3 months ago

    My main thought is that education system suffers and something must be done. Children must love education and knowledge but it happens the opposite. We need change, I hope to succeed and change this mentality as soon as possible.

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