What’s Your Intention ?

People ask why I bother to write so frequently on this platform? My answer is simple.

‘I want to change the world.’

I know it sounds crazy or unrealistic, but when I watch the news and see stories of bombs being dropped on hospitals, women being trafficked for sex, indigenous land being mined for coal and refugees drowning in the sea, I feel helpless!

I ask myself ‘What can I do?’ and I am sure that you feel the same.

My understanding is that the responsibility of our world lies in our hands. It is our choices and decisions that determine how the future looks.

For me, education starts as soon as the child enters our world. Everything from the home environment at birth, to the day they pass their driving test, all has an impact on who they will be and what decisions they will make.

The reason I write so much online is because I hope that some part (it may even be one word) of what I say, will influence the way we educate the adults of tomorrow.

I’m my mind, if somehow I can help to refine the education of our future generations, then maybe the bombs won’t drop, maybe women will be treated as equal, maybe our ancestors will be respected and maybe we will welcome refugees with open arms and a smile.

This is my dream!

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  1. Angeliki Tsionara
    8 months ago

    My intention is a better world, where education and equality will be for all human beings. Great article.

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