What Should We focus on for a better world?

A small note:

Academics are important, but it is important that we focus on more than this when we assess the development of our children. Our world is in danger. We need to teach more than the academic side of life, for this will only get them so far.

• We will teach them to sit with those who are sitting alone. Stand beside those whom people avoid, talk to those to whom no one listens.

• We will teach them to be kind for the feeling of being kind. To give to those who genuinely need it and ask for nothing in return.

• We will teach them to offer help even when no help is required. To understand that to give somebody your time is the ultimate gift.

• We will teach them to use words of kindness. Of hope and encouragement. To have the feeling that they made somebody else’s day better by choosing their words carefully.

• We will teach them to think about other people. To consider how their actions will affect others and to be considerate.

• We will teach them to share what they have, no matter how small the portion. To look for the good in everyone.

• We will teach them to be a citizen of the world who isn’t afraid to speak their mind. To do the right thing.

Let’s teach our children to be children who we wish we’d met on the playground.


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