The only constant in education is change, and that change is you!

Gavin Mccormack

The only constant in education is change, and that change is you!

The only constant in education is change, and that change is you!

What Constitutes an Amazing School? (10 factors)


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We often hear about new and innovative schools around the world in the news. They have a playground on the roof, they’re designed in a forest or they’re made from recycled plastic bottles, and yes that’s amazing, but that’s just the building, what about the pedagogy, the ethos and the philosophy? Anyone can build a lovely building! It’s what goes on inside that counts and how The schools’ occupants think that really matters.

Here’s are 10 traits that all ‘outstanding’ schools demonstrate:

“In the best schools in the world everyone is a teacher, including the students.”

• The parents have a voice about what they would like to see in their school. Everyone has an opinion that is heard, respected and acted upon. ‘The only constant in education is change, and you’re it.

• The students have a chance to give feedback to their teachers on their educational journey. They are encouraged to be honest and tell us ‘how it is.’ ‘The greatest feedback teachers can receive is that if their students, for they are the ones who are constantly observing your practise.’

• The principal guides the executive team based on regulations and the voice of the community. The principal is approachable and seen as part of the ‘working cogs’ if the school. ‘ The leadership team see themselves as the buffer between the red tape and the reality of teaching.’

• The children are not compared against each other. The school understands that to compare two children in their ability to write a story would be ‘like comparing a bear and an ant to carry logs or eat a salmon.’ (They can both do it, but they need different amounts of time to complete the tasks and have different goals and objectives in mind.)

• The school recognises that behavioural problems always have an underlying reason. Disruptive behaviour is usually a call for attention, lack of motivation can be a dietary issue or anger can be caused by the inability to understand the task at hand. ‘It’s never the child’s fault.’ Is a phrase they follow. Behavioural problems are symptoms of an issue happening feel down inside. Great schools aim to fund the root cause.

• The teachers educate the students on essential skills, putting independence and confidence at the top of the list. ‘Without the independence to try and the confidence to fail, education is worthless.’

• The schools encourages entrepreneurship as part of its pedagogy. Students are encouraged to break the mould, think outside the box and not be afraid to fail. ‘If a child has great intentions at heart then, allow him to attempt to live his dreams in the classroom.’

• The community gets together often to discuss ‘learning from Home’ where the parents educate each other on good parenting skills and research based initiatives in the home. ‘When the home and the school sing from the same songbook, the children see the sky as the limit.’

• The school enforces a disciplinary policy based around reflection and understanding. Consequences are based on the impact of the behaviour. All parties are given a voice, the ability to correct the mistakes in question and everyone is informed of the progress towards the child’s ability to understand the impact of their behaviour on everyone involved. ‘A holistic approach to discipline has longer term impacts on overall empathy and understanding.’

• The best schools in the world are based around a sense of community. Bringing everyone together, giving everyone a voice and holding everyone accountable. ‘Schools are the centre of any community.’

No matter what position you hold in the community, You have three jobs to do:

  • Be clear about what you expect. .
  • Model the behaviour you wish to view.
  • Be active and engaged continuously.

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  1. Very beautiful idea of a school in real sense. I relate myself to such school. But unfortunately such school is rare where all the ten points are there. Hope the future will have such schools.
    A teacher …

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