We need to not worry too much about our child’s academic results

As parents we need to not worry too much about our child’s academic results.

Yes, we need to know what’s happening at school in maths, science, history etc. but you need not worry. The teachers have got this.

What parents need to do is try their best to educate their children in the things that can truly change the world. The things we don’t have time to do!

Teach your child to play with those children who’ve been excluded.

Teach your children to sit with the lonely.

Teach your children what’s right.

Expose your child to different foods, cultures, religions and people.

Teach them how to show kindness.

Teach them to help those who need it.

Teach them to questions things.

Teach them to encourage others and inspire change.

Teach them to make a difference and to question their true intentions.

Teach them to think about how others are feeling.

Teach them to focus on actions rather than words.

Teach them to ignore the naysayers and the critics.

Teach them to love like you love them.

Teach them to search for the good in life.

These are the things parents need to focus on. Leave the teaching of the curriculum to us and I promise the rest will come.

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