‘We Must See Every Child as our Own.’

As far as I am concerned, the religion, faith, culture, age, wealth or social status of a child are completely and absolutely irrelevant.

Each tear they cry, each hand they hold, every story they tell, every fear they have, every lesson they learn and every dream they imagine are completely and absolutely relevant to me!

Children are not born with eyes that judge, they don’t see colour, faith or cultural inequalities as we do. These are all learned behaviours from the environment in which we place them.

We have a lot to learn from our youngest citizens and we can start by understanding that every child has a dream!

“Our job as teachers is to listen to that dream and try our best to make it come true!”

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  1. Angeliki Tsionara
    9 months ago

    We are all humans and equal. If people change the “I” with “we”, miracles can happen in our world. A first step is to see every child as own. Think like Mr. Gavin McCormack. Thanks for your article inspires and reflects how the real world must be.

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