We Have So Much to Learn.

It is quite often the case that teachers feel they are superior to their students.

Age, intelligence and experience are certainly worthy of these assumptions, but look deeper, observe longer and you will see that children leave us long behind when it comes to the greatest lesson of ‘being alive.’

When we truly observe our youngest children in their natural development, growth and play, we see a far more superior being than ourselves.

To name a few:

• They never shy away from showing their emotions. It’s all on the table.

• They’ll tell you how they feel without fear of judgement.

• They will say statements like ‘Will you be my friend’ or ‘Can I play with you?’

• They can learn multiple languages without even trying.

• They sleep anywhere and whenever they need it.

• They demand a high level of engagement and they are very keen to learn.

• They bring no ego to the table. It’s all innocent.

• They’ll always try their best.

• They’ll love unconditionally.

• They’ll tell you how it is, they’re honest and they don’t hold back.

• They know how to laugh and play and run freely, jumping in puddles and igniting their senses.

“If anything, the children in our care are our greatest teachers, we have a lot to learn.’

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  1. Angeliki Tsionara
    10 months ago

    In general adults believe that they are superior to children, therefore isn’t surprised teachers believe, act or feel superior to their students. Although this attitude creates massive problems to the proper education of children. Crucial point, thanks for mentioning and I hope to change as soon as possible.

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