Today’s national newspaper features some of the st…

Today’s national newspaper features some of the students of my school and my teachers, who this weekend woke up early, dressed as grannies and ran for a good cause.

We are building a community of philanthropists. Today when I walk into school with some copies under my arm. The children will automatically feel a sense of pride.

My job is to make education an event that happens outside of the four walls, it is not embedded in text books. It’s real, it’s life and it’s about children understanding that they have the power to make a difference in this world.

Today I will tell them that they are the future, they will be the new leaders and long after I and the teachers have gone, I want their legacy to live on.

Life passes us by so quick, so with the little time we have on the big rock we call home, one must make a difference and one must start early.

Have a wonderful day lovely people!! ❤️#education #futurism #bookings #montessori

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