This week I was asked by a friend about what they …

This week I was asked by a friend about what they could do with their child. He’s intelligent, dedicated, hardworking and very happy to please everyone. “He’s often the child who will do anything to help anyone but he dies t have many friends and is always the last child picked during team games and sports.”

I thought about what I would do if this was to arrive on my desk as school? And here was my response.

As a student and child he is ideal. But the sadness and loneliness that occurs when a child is not being included is very common.,

In this scenario I would do several things.

First I would find out his interests and his passions. If it was gardening I would encourage him to start a school club. “Green fingers gardening club” and ask children to join. The children would start to respect him and he would find his place in the class.,

Second I would establish lessons that encouraged large project based learning with teams, groups and pairs with the child having a specific role in the outcome.

Lastly I would advocate his work, efforts and encourage him to persevere, but I would do this privately. Not publicly. I wouldn’t want the class feeling he was getting siecusl treatment.

Slowly he would stand taller, feel happier and succeed.


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