This is . Since I joined LinkedIn several months a…

This is . Since I joined LinkedIn several months ago she and I have been in communication several times.

She has systematically been collecting teaching materials, pencils, pens, books etc and posting them off to Nepal where they are all collected and stored.

Thanks to the people of LinkedIn from all around the world, we’ve got a huge pile of resources awaiting me when I next arrive. These will help resource our next school which will be opened this Christmas.

I feel so privileged to have you all as followers because you’ve all played your part. If you’d also like to start collecting and posting items, please contact me and I will not only guarantee that they get to those who need them the most, but I will send you a photo back of somebody somewhere high up in the mountains using them.

We all want to make a difference but I think it’s really important to see where your difference is going.

Thank you everyone! Have a wonderful day and please contact me if you have any ideas!!! ❤️

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