There’s a big secret to teaching that once you dis…

There’s a big secret to teaching that once you discover it you’ll never look back.

Education, life, the world and nature is filled with connections. It’s those connections that we need to allow the children to discover. DON’T TELL THEM!!!

Allow them to discover them for themselves.

Here’s how you can inspire your class to make these connections.

1. Give the class a map of the country. Ask them to label the rivers and the ten largest cities. Can they make a connection? Ask them to find out why?

2. Introduce the class to two different areas. One with high rainfall, one with almost none. What kinds of plants are find in each, what animals, any humans? Landforms? Are there connections between each? Find out why!

3. Find an Ant trail, follow the ants. What are they doing? Where are they going? What’s their job?

4. Find a local stream. Throw an orange into it and follow the orange. Where is it going? How fast is it moving? What landforms did you see along the way.

5. Look outside at an aeroplane flying. Discuss its weight and size. Then come into class and show the class a picture of an eagle gliding. Any connections? Can you find out why they look the same?

Teaching is about planting seeds but not giving answers.

Self Discovery is the key!


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