The top five things that help schools and students…

The top five things that help schools and students reach their full potential.

1. A healthy, positive parent community filled with realistic, responsible parents who are willing to allow the school to make changes using their professional expertise and judgement.

2. A leadership team that does not use their hierarchical power to step on the staff who work alongside them. They make decisions based on the welfare of he staff, students and parents whilst sticking to the schools philosophy.

3. Teachers who feel loved, cared for and listened to. If changes are made or goals are set, are they made with the teachers wellbeing in mind? Take care of your teachers and they will take care of your students.

4. Clear strategic planning on a yearly basis. “The only constant in education change” and if schools are not continuously moving forward through research and professional development for staff, then soon the standards will begin to represent this.

5. The school MUST assess competences not facts. A fact based curriculum fails to prepare our students for the modern world. Schools should be teaching and assessing competences such as time management, leadership, research and independence if we are are to cultivate students that will thrive in the 21st century.

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