The role of a parent is to understand the complexi…

The role of a parent is to understand the complexities of this world and allow our children to understand them, experience them and navigate them in their own way.

Be the bridge between the child and the world. When a wild river approaches lay yourself down to allow them to cross but when your child is free from the dangers of this world step back and allow them to ignite their senses!

Here are some other useful parenting tips!

Spot patterns in nature.

Buy a magnifying glass and investigate.

Discuss the importance of nature.

The role it plays and why we should preserve it.

Tell true stories about your family history.

Listen to grandad’s stories.

Put your family in context for your child.

Look up your family tree. Where are we from, and who are our long lost ancestors.

Ask your child to create a biography once per year. Help them by printing photos you have taken on your phone and spreading them out.

Promote losing. Its ok to lose and fail.

Be a philanthropist and involve your child.

Talk about patience, cooperativeness, courage, ingenuity, cheerfulness, helpfulness, kindness, everyday.

Have a favourite poem or song you sing or recite together. Make it your song.

Give each other a nickname

Put a nice note in their lunchbox each day.

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