The power of Empathetic Education.

When a teacher brings their heart into the classroom, the learning experience is transformed for everyone involved.

The bond of trust, love and empathy between the teacher and the children allows for a deeper form of learning to take place.

Suddenly lessons have meaning, stories are captivating and the experience of each lesson is less of a task and more of a journey. A journey which everyone enjoys.

I see education as a train journey into the mountains:

“Everyone’s on board, you can get off wherever you like and stay as long as you want but you must get back on the train at some point and we will all meet at the top of the mountain together.”

When we show our children that we truly care, when we ask how they are, or how they’re feeling and take into consideration the emotional journey of school from the eyes of the child, education is less of a task and more of a mission. A mission of change!

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  1. Madhu Bhatia Garg
    9 months ago

    Beautiful post Gavin, indeed it’s all about learning at their own pace

  2. Angie Tsionara
    9 months ago

    Very inspirational article. The meaning of education was never described better. Thank you.

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