The moment you find yourself in the Himalayas maki…

The moment you find yourself in the Himalayas making deals with wall installers is moment you know you’re out of comfort zone.

My mother called me. “How’s school?”

“Oh hi mum, I’m not at school, I’m in kavre in the Himalayas meeting with a man about some earthquake resistant walls for the school I’m building at Christmas for the people of Newalperassi, bear India.”

Insert – long silence. “Be careful!” She said.

As humans we love to be out of our comfort zone. They are the times we remember. The times we tell our grandchildren about. The times when our hearts beat.

Allow your children to wander into unchartered waters. Allow them to take risks, to make mistakes. For only through these actions will we develop resilient children who are willing to go that extra mile.

These are the change makers.

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