The Importance of Being Real

As teachers, it is important that we make that connection with our students by allowing them to understand that we are human.

We have feelings, we know what you’re going through, we also feel sad sometimes, we have been lonely and we need you as much as you need us.

But more importantly, we must let them know about our life, in just the same way we ask our children to tell us about theirs.

If you’re having “Show and tell” sessions, make sure that every so often you bring something to share.

When you ask the children to write a recount about their hollidays, tell them about yours!

The sheer power of allowing your children to understand that you are ‘just like them’ means that the relationship between teacher and students will always be equal.

They won’t mind telling you when their worried, they will have no problems telling you it’s too hard or that something’s bothering them, because they know that you have the same feelings.

“Children should be amazed by the universe, by dinosaurs and lava, but they never be amazed that you’re another human being who does human being things like shopping.

“Teaching is all about relationships. You are the bridge between the child and the knowledge, be strong but be genuine.”

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