The greatest lesson we can teach our children of t…

The greatest lesson we can teach our children of the future is that every action has consequences.,yes throwing littler into the river is bad, but the solution is not educating this woman.

The solution was educating this woman when she was a child. That even though the rains may carry the garbage away out of your sight, something somewhere will be affected by your action.

When I asked her why the people threw their rubbish in the river she said “it’s ok, when the floods come the river takes all the rubbish away!”

I asked her “Do you know where it goes?”

She replied. “No, I never thought about it,”

“It flows to the oceans, and pollutes the seas, and poisons the fish.” I told her.

“Oh” she said as she walked away with her bucket of dirty water. “I’ve never been to the ocean, is it nice?”

To teach is great, but to educate on a global scale is truly divine. Think big my teacher friends and your children will think big too! ❤️

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