The Communication Between the Hand and Mind!

The cognitive development of our children is heavily dependent of the communication between the hand and mind!

If we allow our children to feel their way through the curriculum, to hear the learning objectives, to listen to the sounds of the educational goals and expectations and to taste the intention of learning, then we we truly develop a child of the world.

If we want our children to truly love learning, we must prepare a classroom that ignites the senses, tantalises the mind and ignites the imagination

Teachers are not the oracle, they are not the knowledge or the learning, they are the ones who ultimately will allow children to develop the confidence to try, and the resilience the fail without giving up.

“Teaching isn’t about imparting knowledge, it’s about directing students to where learning, in all its capacities can take place.”

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  1. Noel Watkins
    10 months ago

    Another great article

  2. Angie Tsionara
    10 months ago

    A great article Mr. Gavin McCormack. I would like to act as you always do.

  3. Angie Tsionara
    10 months ago

    I would like to act as you always do.

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