Tell Them To Question Everything

Hello everyone.

Tell your children to question everything they read, everything they hear, everything they see. Empower them to ask the question “What is the intention behind that advertisement? That article? That statement?

Critical reflection and analysis of other people’s intentions will allow our students to understand their own intentions.

Why did I say those things? Why should I help dad with the laundry? Why am I working so hard at school?

Once children can understand their intentions we can start to open the doors to so many exciting initiatives so long as we have the right intentions.

To start the ball rolling in your classroom inform your students that you’d like to have reasons why they have produced some kind of work or project. What was their intention?

If the intention was to impress the teacher then you need to reset and rethink. When there’s not someone there to impress will their motivation still be the same?

Self motivation for the right purpose is something we could all do with a revision class on.

Have a great day and have a cup of tea from me.


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