Teaching What Matters! ❤️

We can learn a lot from the children in our care. Isn’t it interesting how no one is missing the material things during this period of isolation. People aren’t saying “Oh how I miss my Gucci handbag.”

We miss the things that children do naturally. The things that we see day in, day out in our classrooms. Things like:

Holding a friend’s hand, hugging, talking about your favourite thing, sitting together in the sunshine, telling stories to each other, sharing lunch under a tree, laughing hysterically, working together, succeeding together, failing together, being together!

There’s a lot to take away from the covid-19 situation, but mine will be that

“The things that matter are not things at all! ❤️

Stay safe everyone and when this is all over we will organise a huge educational conference where we can all chat and eat sandwiches together !!

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