Such a pleasure to stand in front of some of the m…

Such a pleasure to stand in front of some of the most innovative educators in the country at to discuss how the Montessori method can change the way you run your classroom forever.

Just installing several of her pedagogical ideas can literally change the way your classroom runs. Here are some ways you can start the ball rolling.

1. Give every child a diary to log lessons and extension work.

2. All them to plan their day before it starts. What would they like to cover and with whom?

3. Allow them to sit wherever they like each and every day. Moods change and so do their needs.

4. Have plenty of books to hand so the children can research whatever they like, whenever they like.

5. Give lessons to small groups whist the others work on their individual projects.

6. Always assign follow-up work and an expected date when it should be handed in, but never stipulate how it should look, or what it should be. Let them decide.

7. Use tactile materials to establish a connection between the facts and the senses.

8. Teach what you love. If the subject umbrella is Asia. Teach an Asian country you’ve visited. You’re excitement will shine through.

I hope these help you. Have a lovely day!! ❤️

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