Spent my evening with these young inspirational te…

Spent my evening with these young inspirational teachers. Tonight we had a 2 hour workshop on educational planning for primary school classrooms. We focused on science and STEAM education tonight.

It’s great to work with these young teachers prior to them entering the education system. My aim is to enable them to enter schools with a new perspective on learning.

Tonight we worked on how to allow teachers to connect with their class.

Students are keen to learn when their teacher allows them to connect with the learning on their own terms. When a lesson is over and just because the direct teaching is over the secret is to give a research project that allows innovation.

The most crucial part for any teacher is the MODELLING part of the lesson. Where you display your interest in the subject whilst setting your clear expectations of the standard of the work you’d like to receive.

If you are planning any lesson please include the modelling section and make it your mission to hook your students through your enthusiasm and expectations.

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