Page 5 of my new book “How To Raise Amazing Childr…

Page 5 of my new book “How To Raise Amazing Children!” Is finally here!

“Allow your children to choose their own clothing.”

Yes they may decide on colours that don’t match, they may request that they want to wear summer clothes in winter or a wooly hat in summer.

But these choices will allow them to express themselves in a way they may not be able to verbalise. It will be these simple choices that will allow your child to start being an individual. A unique individual human in a world of followers.

These small stepping stones from an early age allow children to make choices based on opinions and facts.

Yes they may decide the choose clothes that are too hot for a summers day but a conversation with yourself about the weather will allow them to make changes appropriately.

If they do make a mistake then that’s even better because they will learn from that. Wooly hats are not a good choice when it’s 35 degrees.

If you dress them and make their decisions for them then you’ve taken away a whole lot of learning that could’ve taken place.

“Act small but think Big, the smallest changes we make to our parenting can have the biggest impact on our child’s future.

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