Ok so you’re thinking about how much technology to…

Ok so you’re thinking about how much technology to have in the classroom? Yes it’s a difficult conversation to have but once again it’s all about delivery and expectations.

Here’s how we incorporate technology at .

• Firstly we only have one computer in each room.

• Children are allowed to book a 20 minute slot each day it if they’re working pairs they can have 40 minutes.

• Research must come from three different sources before using the computer.

• Only one page of printing can be done per day limiting the amount of impact on the environment and allowing children to make tough decisions about what to print and why?

• The class has a well trained “child” computer expert who can answer any questions.

• Reserving a time for their booking Students automatically keep track of time and also planning out their day from the get go.

A conversation I overheard a few days ago.

“Hey Sarah shall I book the computer at 10am so we can research dinosaurs?”

“Sorry Peter, I’m already booked to do division with Stephanie at 10, can we do 10:45?”

“Sure, I’ll book it, see you there!”

Remember guys, these children are 8 and they’re already scheduling their day and negotiating times!

Now that’s amazing, that’s Montessori! ❤️

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